Search guide

Searching in our database is simple, but you should keep some tips in mind.

Our database contains more than 665 000 rows and for each row there is cloud of meta-data attached to it. This meta-data represent information you can use to search with.

Reverz .sk reverse whois meta-data search
Reverz is connecting just publicly available data.

You should use one key word for searching. More specific key word the better and more accurate results. Be aware we do not store matching data, like Registrar email, Owners Phone... all data for domain is, for better imagination, just pile of data in one place.

By Email:
For example if you are searching by email try to use whole email like: although you can search also just by the email ending, eg: but you might get more results that you wished for.
By Name:
Sometimes there is a name attached to domain, you can search just surname, however searching the whole name like John Smith should return more accurate results. Search is not case sensitive but it is diacritic sensitive.
By Organization:
You can search by organization name although this is hit and miss as sometimes there is real owner and sometimes company that registered the domain aka. web-hosting. No need to use s.r.o or a.s at the end, use just the name.
By Nameserver:
Do you want to list all .sk domains that are under nameserver you know, well now you can ! Again, it is better and more accurate to use whole nameserver's name eg.
By Phone number:
Domains in the meta-data have also phone numbers attached, this are publicly available and serve as a contact in case of issues. Mostly there are contacts for domain registrar and customer who ordered the domain. You need to know the phone number to search, we do not and can not provide you phone number matching person or company. We do not hold the data that way. You can search in format +421.90XXXXXXXX or just 90xxxxx without the +421. ( yes there is a dot )
By company ID:
You can search by company ID, just enter the number and search.
By Registrant, Admin Contact, Tech Contact, Registrar:
This are identification codes representing people or companies for SK-NIC.
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